As acommitted lawyer, I often react to European news to decipher it or to bring a different perspective. 

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"Polexit': six questions on the tug of war between Poland and the EU

Ouest France, 8 October 2021

The primacy of European Union law, a cardinal principle in the turmoil

Jacques Delors Institute, 6 October 2021

Brexit, an opportunity for those who stay, isn't it?

Fédéchoses n°187 - December 2020

Daring a European public sphere - Paving the Way towards discourses for all - Collaboration with the project Das Progressives Zentrum, supported by the German Foreign Office

December 2020

Europe will either show solidarity or it won't

EuropeInfos #210 - December 2017

The Battle Plan for a Federal Europe. The 'I Choose Europe' Campaign

The Federalist Debate, Year XXXII, Issue 1, March 2019