"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
That is how it always happens.

Margaret Mead

You want to to change the world, but you don't know where to start?

Do you want to understand who decides what in your industry and how to convince them that you have a part of the solution? how to convince them that you are part of the solution?

You think the rules should change, but can't see how to make them reflect tomorrow's society? reflect the society of tomorrow?

You would like to to lobby (positively!) but you are not sure if the size of your organisation allows you to do so?

The law firm OMNES Legal & Positive Lobbying, specialized in public affairs and positive lobbyingOMNES Legal & Positive Lobbying can help you build a clear and impactful message to political decision-makers.

The firm's expertise is based on 3 core competencies:


Understanding how to effectively influence the rules

From € 259 excl.


Giving weight to your arguments
to make things happen

From €299 excl.


Know the rules that
apply to your organisation.

From € 399 excl. tax/month

The first consultation (30 minutes) is free!

The firm's service offer is mainly built in the form of à la carte subscriptions.

Choose the one that suits your needs!

My name is Ophélie Omnes. I am a committed European lawyer who has worked in several international law firms, from small family-run structures to large Anglo-Saxon firms.

The OMNES Legal & Positive Lobbying was born out of my conviction that small organisations, particularly those involved in the social sector, have as much to offer as large companies in the world of public affairs and influence strategy.